20 secret passages in Minecraft that are practically impossible to notice

Minecraft allows you to create really great things, which is once again proven by the players themselves.

Everyone knows the theme of a secret entrance to their base. Everyone has learned at least once how to make a transition that cannot be seen at first glance. For what? Sometimes for no particular reason at all, sometimes to create a greater atmosphere in your world, and sometimes to really hide your diamonds somewhere.

Some have come to perfection in creating secret passages. A good example is Reddit user “Last_Wanderer” who showed 20 different passages he created. Each of them is different and some of them just destroy your head.

Secret passages that cannot be noticed

We have practically the whole cross-section of what can be done here. From falling lava to false walls and invisible buttons. All arranged in one material. The trick at 0:34 made the biggest impression on the players.

The player is to provide full guides on how he managed to do it all soon. The version he played was Java, 21w18a to be more precise. Each of these transitions can be done by yourselves.

Of course, most of it is pure art for the sake of art. Nobody will probably build the entire envelope around one pass, especially in single-player mode. But sometimes that’s what Minecraft is all about, not necessarily doing something that makes sense and that will come in handy again and again.