5 most interesting Minecraft seeds found by players in August 2021

What do the maps generated with the help of seeds that have recently been shared by the Minecraft community look like?

How the world created in Minecraft looks like depends on what seed was used during its generation. If the player does not provide any seed, the game will still use the one that was randomly generated. The ability to recreate an identical world with a string of numbers allows the community to exchange the most interesting maps and share amazing views.

You can find both Java and Bedrock seeds in this article.

5 extremely interesting seeds

A fortress hidden under the village

The Bedrock version is famous for its oddly generated villages. Although this is not a common occurrence, players regularly share screenshots and map seeds online that show how much the world generator in Minecraft can surprise. On this seed, you can come across a huge village with 23 houses and a fortress just below it.

  • Platform: Bedrock
  • Seed: 2166565
  • The village coordinates are X: 616 and Z: 1032

A lonely island with a shipwreck

In this seed, the player appears on an island in the middle of the ocean. However, you can find trees and a shipwreck here, which makes it the perfect map to try your hand at unique survival.

  • Platform: Java
  • Seed: 6177572600345522852

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An oasis in the middle of the desert

This seed allows you to generate a huge desert, where in the middle you can find a patch of jungle biome. There is a zombie and spider spawner under the oasis, and several pyramids can be found on the ubiquitous sand.

  • Platform: Java
  • Seed: 979801021
  • Coordinates: X: 320 i Z: 130

A village with three blacksmiths

The blacksmith’s house is a great place to get resources at the very beginning of speedrun. You can find 3 such structures on this seed, and this is not the only thing that makes it a great seed for speedrunning. The village is right next to the spawn site and you can find enough obsidian in chests to build a portal to the Nether.

In another dimension, you can go north to find the fortress, or south-west to find the remains of the bastion.

  • Platform: Java
  • Seed: -340214920744256955

Amazing island

Using this seed, the player spawns on the shore of a huge island. Nearby, you can find a ruined portal, buried treasures, and several amethyst geodes. There are a lot of trees on the island, and the whole area can inspire you to build your empire here.

  • Platform: Bedrock
  • Seed: -2108063506