A desert village in a completely new word. What does the refreshed Minecraft village look like?

A project of a village that could permanently appear in the generator of the game world?

Building is one of the core elements of Minecraft gameplay, and the creativity it stimulates is one of the reasons for the game’s popularity around the world. For many years, players have been sharing their buildings, which become more and more impressive over time. The structures found in Minecraft are relatively simple buildings that players have repeatedly tweaked to suit their tastes.

A completely different desert village

One of the players decided to go a step further and decided to completely rebuild the village that is generated on the map. He found its desert variant, and then he remodeled each building beyond recognition while maintaining its main assumptions. Everything has been captured in the clip where the author with the nickname ZayPeterz shows the viewers around the new village.

After a short flight over the settlement, which allows you to see how big the project is, the author begins to show the player around the village from the first-person perspective. Here you can appreciate all the details that are much more visible up close even more.

Small color accessories in the form of banners or wool make the village much more friendly. In the river next to it, you can see an impressive boat, and the main attraction of the village is a huge blue and white tent, over which the player must have spent a lot of time.

In the comments, ZayPeterz also shared the texture pack and shaders used in the clip. This is the Patrix resource pack and the shader pack that came with it.

Commentators also point out that the village introduces a lot of life into an empty and monotonous biome, which can be a really pleasant sight for a player exploring the map.