A great melody played in Minecraft. It is not a standard track with note blocks

A great melody that can be played with Redstone looping and note blocks.

Redstone mechanisms can be really amazing. Minecraft fans are able to bring popular games into a cubic world and even recreate complex math calculators.

There are also constructions that allow you to play well-known music themes (What does Minecraft and a huge chain of stores have in common? Their musical theme was carried over to the game). Usually, this type of structure is a row of note blocks, but the one that can be found in the clip below is much more extensive.

Construction of one of the players

A user with the nickname Bassmanmx shared a short clip where you can take a look at the Redstone mechanism built by him. Its task is to play a catchy melody. Most players, however, associate note blocks and the melodies played on them with the track that the player has to follow in order not to stop hearing the music. This is not the case here.

The entry gained a huge amount of positive comments in a really short time. Most of them simply positively commented on the structure and the melody itself, but there were also comparisons to music that can be found in other games.

Sounds like something from Shadowrun made for Sega (that’s the best compliment you could get in my opinion).

Minecraft players have a lot of ways to prove themselves and create something they can ultimately be proud of. Regardless of whether it is a modification, a map, or a single building, each of these gameplay elements can be appreciated by fans on the Internet.