A way to move up and down much faster in Minecraft, replacing “water elevators”

How was the honey block used to build the elevator?

Moving up and down inside the many buildings in Minecraft is a real challenge for builders. It is usually problematic to put up stairs or an elevator that will allow them to reach the upper floors of a given building, and fans are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to move up. This led to the discovery of an elevator that used blocks of honey and water. How does it work?

A fun way to place the elevator in the wall

Since the introduction of bubble columns made of water, the issue of compact elevators that can fit into virtually any project has been resolved. Minecraft players, however, have not stopped experimenting, and their actions reveal the mechanisms of an elevator that uses the aforementioned bubble columns and blocks of honey.

The elevator shown above will be perfect for any tight structure, as it can be neatly placed in the corner of the building. However, keep in mind that the honey block is not really a full block and therefore if you place any other block above it, it will make it impossible to move up.

Another incomplete block, such as a chest, can also be used to build the column. Commentators also mention that elevators of this type are used to diversify numerous parkour maps.