An interesting trick in Minecraft allows you to quickly get back to the surface after digging deep down

Minecraft players suggest how to quickly get out of the mine. Pretty clever way, but you probably won’t use it. Why?

Despite the passage of time, players continue to discover all kinds of tricks. Yesterday we mentioned how fast you can find diamonds. Today, the community shows what idea it came up with while looking for adventures in the mines.

A Reddit user with the nickname “BreadConnoisseur” writes: “The trick I discovered allows you to quickly and easily come back to the surface after digging straight down.” What exactly is it about?

How to get out of the mine quickly?

The best way is always to simply use water. However, this can be done in a rather unusual way. Not everyone knows how to use a bucket of water efficiently. Some people choose a different option.

What is the method that “BreadConnoisseur” chose? It is also based on water that must be “activated” when we want to leave the mine. In this case, the player used the button, but it seems that target block will be a better choice.

This trick, however, has some serious drawbacks. First, not everyone will carry water bucket, bow, and a button with them. Second, hitting a small button is quite problematic. However, it’s better to use a target block that will have the same effect.

It’s a bit like the TikTok videos with “magic tricks” that theoretically make sense, but no one will ever use them anyway. It seems that the same may be true of this.