Command blocks that allow the player to play with a tamed wolf in Minecraft

How can you play with the wolf in Minecraft?

Wolves were added to Minecraft more than a decade ago, and since their introduction, they have accompanied players who decided to tame the animal.

The tamed wolf, which is often considered a dog among Minecraft players, helps mainly in combat, however, one fan created a pack that allows you to have an amazing interaction with the creature. How does playing with a wolf look like?

A wolf running after a stick

Many players agree that the number of interactions a player can engage in with Minecraft animals is not very big. In the game, you can find a few creatures that can be tamed, but the gameplay does not allow you to take care of them.

Minecraft is known for its modding scene. The game has been constantly developed for many years by developers, but also by players who show what one of the most popular games in the world is capable of (Great texture pack for Minecraft that lets you recreate real cities). In addition, command blocks have been added to further increase the potential for changes that can be made by fans.

A user with the nickname Vulchaestus shared a short clip with the community where you can see him playing with a tamed wolf with a stick.

The animal can chase the stick thrown by the player, and then bring it back. In order to make such fun possible, the player had to go through a lot of steps, which can be seen from the number of command blocks nearby the characters.