Finding diamonds with Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft. What instructions should you follow?

Another trick that can make your diamond search in Minecraft easier.

Diamonds are still one of the most sought-after resources in the game. While it can be relatively easy for persistent players to find them, there are a few tricks that can help you locate them. Some time ago, you could learn how to search for diamonds using clay generated on the surface (A trick in Minecraft that allows you to easily get diamonds. Works in 88% of seeds).

This time, one of the players managed to find the relationship between the generation of diamonds and lapis lazuli. How can you search for a precious stone with ore that is relatively easy to find?

Lapis lazuli and diamonds

Unlike the clay that can be found on the surface, lapis is found in caves. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The upside is that when exploring the caves in search of resources, you can simply try your luck and due to the fact that the player is already underground, he will not have to dig deep.

The disadvantage is that finding lapis itself is much more difficult than finding clay, which is an incredibly common resource in the swamps.

What is the method itself?

A user with the nickname leospeedleo shared a simple graphic showing the relationship between diamonds and lapis lazuli.

In fact, the methods are very similar to each other and differ mainly in how far the deposits are located. To find diamonds you will need to turn on the visibility of chunk boundaries with the F3 + G combination, and the menu showing the location and direction can be really useful.

Once the lapis vein is located, head north (-Z) and begin digging downhill 4 blocks further. If you cross the chunk limit, you need to get to the opposite side and then continue the countdown to four. When the diamond block should be close to the border, it could also generate on the opposite side of the chunk.

It all boils down to how the world is generated in the game. Diamonds are just one of the many raw materials that appear in the world with the help of a mathematical function. Once the relationship between them is discovered, these types of tricks are very useful.