Flying in Minecraft with elytra without the use of fireworks. What does it look like and how can it be done?

A trick that allows you to fly the Elytra without using fireworks.

Elytra is one of the most interesting items that has ever made its way into Minecraft. The wings gave players the opportunity to fly, which radically changed many aspects of the game, such as traveling.

However, to fly efficiently apart from the Elytra itself, fireworks are needed, which help the player to take off into the air and maintain speed. What if you don’t have them?

How to fly Elytra without fireworks?

A player with the nickname Isavenko shared a short clip in which he shows how to fly without fireworks.

The trick is to use the spacebar twice at the exact moment when the character touches the surface. Each subsequent jump has a greater speed, and thus – it allows you to cover a greater distance.

However, this trick is relatively difficult, and a player who has access to Elytra should have no problem getting more fireworks. Still, it can be an interesting way to impress your friends, or it can be an effective solution when you run out of fireworks.