From what height can you survive a jump in Minecraft? What are some ways to stop fall damage?

Fall damage reduction and total negation of fall damage. What are the ways to do this?

There are many ways to protect yourself from taking fall damage in Minecraft. The most frequently used object for high jumps is undoubtedly a bucket of water. It is hardly surprising – after all, it can have many other uses, and after you make a jump, you can collect the water back into the bucket and use it again.

However, there are many blocks in the game that are also able to minimize or completely compensate for the damage that the player receives when hitting a surface.

How can I protect myself from falling injuries?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to protection against any damage is armor. However, in order for it to have any result when falling, you will need Protection or Feather Falling spell. The first one protects the player from all damage taken by him, the second only protects the player from falling.

In order for a character to die without any effects or armor, a fall from a height of 24 blocks is enough, but full armor with the above-mentioned spells at level IV causes the player to lose just two hearts. This is not the end, however. There are a lot of blocks in the game that can stop this type of damage. One of them will be a hay bale that reduces the damage taken by 80%.

So what height is it safe for the player? Youtuber with the nickname Chickenator checked it. A fall from a height of 500 blocks on hay in enchanted armor leaves the player on half of the heart.

Of course, this is not the maximum height from which you can survive a fall. There are also elements in the game that can completely eliminate damage, such as a slow-falling potion or the water mentioned at the very beginning.

What other objects reduce the damage the player takes?

  • Cobweb – completely reduces damage,
  • Ladder and vines – climbing them completely reduces the damage,
  • Slime block – reduces damage,
  • A bush of berries – reduces damage,
  • Honey block – similar to hay, it reduces damage taken by 80%,
  • Bed – falling on a bed will end up taking 50% damage,

It is also worth mentioning that being in any object, such as a boat or a cart, is not able to protect the player from falling unless he enters them only when he is very close to the surface. The same goes for riding mobs.