How does one of the players climb walls in Minecraft? A way to amaze your friends

One player found a way to hide vines in the wall.

Minecraft is a game in which the creativity of players plays a huge role and often simple tricks can bring amazing results.

These types of tricks include hiding passages behind paintings with signs, which used to be found in a large number of buildings. What one of the players managed to come up with, however, can really surprise.

A way to walk on walls

A player named Sean_715 decided to use the vines added to Minecraft in beta 1.8, which can be climbed in the same way as a ladder from the 1.2.1 update. Vines differ from ladders, however, in that they do not destroy the item frames when you place both objects on the same block.

Admittedly, there can be many uses for this type of hidden transition. Starting with hiding the entrance to a secret room, ending with the possibility of surprising your friends. Vines can be hidden behind each block, and it will be necessary to reproduce its texture on the map.

You can use the website, where after uploading the image you get a file with a ready map, which should be uploaded to the world save.