Minecraft: A novel method of transporting villagers. Nobody has figured it out so far

An alternative for a boat to move a villager to another place in the world.

Minecraft villagers are extremely important to the game, and trading with them can make it much easier. How important the villagers are for the game can show the challenge that players set themselves when they decide to embark on a survival adventure in a flat world. Most fans don’t want to build their mansion near a village, so often villagers just need to be moved closer.

For this task, a boat is usually used, which allows you to transport or keep any mob in it. One of the players, however, came up with a rather innovative way, which also allowed him to transport the villager.

Animals that help transport the villager

Most players who would need to move a villager from one place to another would decide to use a boat, but the user with the nickname Mr_UniBRO decided to use the mechanic of luring animals to himself with the help of wheat.

Although the method captured in the clip is not the simplest, and its effectiveness is not the best due to the fact that the villager may be able to get out of the thicket of animals, it certainly impressed everyone who commented on the video.

Many of them admitted that a similar situation also took place in their world, but they did not think that animals could help in this whole process.