Minecraft and a simple troll on a friend that is still funny for both parties

Trolling is definitely an integral part of Minecraft. Sometimes trolls can be incredibly complicated, other times it doesn’t take much to make you smile.

Trolling in Minecraft is almost an art that some people polish for hours. Recently, “secret entrances” have become popular, which are definitely not secret, nor are they entrances. The players place a button on the wall that theoretically opens the wall. Something else is practically happening:

Troll on a friend

There are plenty of ways to make a joke with your friends, but actions that are completely spontaneous are definitely the best. And this is what the Reddit user with the nickname “Typical_Praline3528” shared. Seeing a friend searching the inbox, he decided to prank him quietly.

The clip quickly gained popularity on the web and went viral. It is not anything fancy, but in this case, it is good – because everyone can repeat it freely.

The only question is why the player inside did not hear the breaking of the glass – but it is possible that the opening box made the sound just then. So it was possible to outsmart the friend.