Minecraft and a trap that bugs the world. Fortunately, it will be fixed soon

You can invent traps and secret passages in Minecraft with seemingly no limit.

Every Minecraft player at least once tried to catch friends to a trap they invented. Of course, the most common sight is simply digging someone into the ground.

On the web, you can find guides on really clever and complicated traps, while one of the players found a way not so much to eliminate the player, but to completely ruin the world.

Bug to be fixed

“i-love-vinegar” showed how he accidentally broke the world for himself. Players have already figured out how to use this for their traps.

And no wonder, it’s one of the most invasive traps ever. Therefore, it will be repaired soon. But what is it all about? It turned out that when we die right next to the portal, our world gets bugged. There’s nothing you can do about it.

So the trap can be trivial to perform. It is enough to make the player fly several dozen meters and fall somewhere near the portal. It will work when we play on someone’s world – but there is a solution to it.

This is a bug related to the latest version of Snapshot 1.17. So the solution is to go back to version 1.16 for a while, respawn as normal and go back to the Snapshot. The developers already know about this, so it will be fixed soon. Until then, it is worth knowing that it can still be fixed.