Minecraft and a view so beautiful that you can pay for with a burnt computer, but, according to the author, it’s worth it

One player’s clip shows a heavily modified gameplay with great views.

Minecraft is a game that, despite its age, can still surprise you with its hardware requirements. All because the title has not stopped developing over the years, and fans have created smaller and larger modifications that affect how the game or its world looks like.

So some connections can squeeze the last juices out of the computer on which Minecraft is run. Is it worth it?

How demanding can Minecraft be?

A user with the nickname jojos38 shared a short clip in which he leaves the cave to show viewers an amazing view of the mountains.

The landscape was so amazing mainly because of the long list of modifications that the video’s author shared in the comments. The map he used is created by Luki_exe and is called Piglin’s Path. Render distance is an astonishing 70 chunks, and shaders are a custom version of SEUS Renewed. Below you can find a list of mods.

  • Better Beds,
  • Clear Skies,
  • Cull leaves,
  • Enhanced block entities,
  • Fabric API,
  • Ferrite Core,
  • Indium,
  • Iris,
  • Krypton,
  • Lazy DFU,
  • Lithium,
  • Logical Zoom,
  • No Fade,
  • Sodium extra,
  • Starlight,
  • Tic Tacs (niestabilny, użyty tylko po to, aby przekroczyć granicę renderowania powyżej 32 chunków).

The player also said what components his computer has. As the author of the recording admits, the equipment had a really big problem with keeping the gameplay smooth and it is hardly surprising. The PC was also supposed to heat up a lot.

  • EVGA RTX 2070 XC
  • Ryzen 7 3700X
  • 32GB 3733mhz DDR4

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The comments contain many references to other productions such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim due to the huge mountains.

Can you see this mountain? You can climb on it!

The clip shows to what extent mods can change the appearance of Minecraft. While retaining its character, which is mostly built by blocks, the view is unlike what you experience in unprocessed Minecraft.