Minecraft and its first ever easter egg. While there is a 0.1% chance for it, most have seen it

Minecraft is full of all kinds of easter eggs, which are little secrets.

Easter eggs are an integral part of practically all games. These are little secrets, curiosities, or references that appear in Minecraft as well as in many other productions. But which one was the first?

Interestingly, this probably the first easter egg dates back to 2011 and can be found even today, after 10 years. Hardly anyone pays attention to it, and even though there is only 0.1% chance of encountering him, you’ve probably seen it.

Easter egg from version 1.0.0

This is one of those easter eggs that most have missed. No wonder, because hardly anyone focuses on the name of Minecraft in the game menu. And that’s where Notch hid the first little secret. 0.1% of the time, when you run Minecraft, you won’t see “Minecraft” at all. The creators of the game decided to play with a little change of letters to “Minceraft”. How does it look like?

For what? It is completely unknown. For 10 years, no one has figured out why Notch made a joke about players in this way. This, however, started all the other easter eggs.

This is such an interesting puzzle that there are 10-hour videos on Youtube, which are only about getting this inscription. Are they successful? Of course, but it required running the game 10,000 times.

Surely a breakneck job, but a success nonetheless. So sometimes it’s worth paying attention to whether you have turned on Minceraft instead of Minecraft.