Minecraft and the “impossible house”. Its creator challenges players to guess how it was made

The player, passing through a door with nothing behind, goes inside the house.

Minecraft players have had the opportunity to see what commands and modifications are capable of many times. A great example of a developed mod is Create, which makes the gameplay look cinematic.

Now an incredibly popular clip of “impossible home” has appeared on the web that actually looks like it couldn’t exist. What is it all about?

A house hidden behind an illusion

Most players are already familiar with the Immersive Portals mod, which makes Nether portals a seamless transition to the second dimension. One of the fans with the nickname Jumpywastaken decided to recreate a similar effect in the door behind which the house is hidden at first glance.

It all looks as if the house is completely impossible to create and there is something to it. Normally it cannot be built just like that. Anyway, see for yourself:

What’s the conundrum? It turns out that the player used a structure block that appears only when approaching the door. The mere fact of leaving the house and looping the video is the result of editing it and no longer has any ground in the game mechanics. The whole thing looks so impressive that the video quickly went viral – and it’s hardly surprising.