Minecraft i kolejny, nowy trick pozwalający na szybką ucieczkę przez wodę. Od nowej aktualizacji

What’s new in Minecraft allows you to do some really interesting things. For example, the players realized that they could run away from their opponents more efficiently.

As always, these types of tricks will be especially useful in certain situations. You won’t be using it every five minutes, but it’s a good way to get away from the player chasing you.

It will definitely be useful in “Manhunt”, it is not particularly difficult to do, and it will effectively help you get out of the water faster and make it impossible to follow you efficiently. What is it about?

A quick escape on the water

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “PixelotYT” found out about this. It turns out that since Update 1.17, dripleaves have become a really interesting item. Why? They disappear in a way that “removes” the path set by the player. To understand this better, you need to watch a short clip:

It is worth remembering and using it in specific situations, for example, “chasing” each other with friends. Few people will know about it at first, so this trick is likely to be most effective in the near future. Rather, it will go back to normal later.