Minecraft players 10 years after the addition of this item found an additional use for it

While Minecraft is definitely not a new game, even these older items can still surprise you.

There are tons of different tricks in Minecraft that make players’ lives easier. One of them concerns an item that was added to the game in 2011, specifically in the Beta 1.6 version. It turns out that a wooden hatch is able to facilitate building in some way.

This was presented to a wider audience by a Reddit user with the nickname “Mikkiellis45”, who writes:

“Found a way to build down without water”

What is it actually about?

“Building down” means nothing more than putting one block below our current level. Everyone was probably in a situation where they wanted to put a block under a given line. It is perfectly visible in this situation:

It turns out that in this case, the trapdoor can be very useful. You don’t have to use water for this. This will be especially useful for Nether.

Although it looks quite weird, it works fine. The comments show that relatively few people knew about it. If you don’t have water at hand, consider adding trapdoors to your inventory.