Minecraft players have discovered a mechanism by which they can “manage” lightning. How does it work?

A mechanism that allows you to constantly summon lightning with the help of a trident and a lightning rod.

Minecraft is a game that has received numerous improvements and many novelties since its inception, the combination of which can sometimes bring interesting results.

One player found a way to summon lightning using the redstone mechanism. What is needed for its implementation and how does it work?

How to summon lightning?

The trident that was introduced in Minecraft 1.13 is one of the most iconic weapons in the game. It has its own enchants, which cannot be applied to other weapons without using commands.

One of the spells is Channeling, which causes a lightning bolt to be summoned when a mob, player, or newly added lightning rod is hit with a trident when there is a storm in the game. THEMETZZ decided to use this mechanic by placing the trident on the lightning rod and then set it in motion with a piston. How does such a mechanism work?

Lightning appears every time the trident touches the lightning rod on the piston. Due to the fact that the Channeling spell works only during a storm, the mechanism cannot be used in all conditions. However, triggering lightning with a redstone signal can be used in many interesting ways.