Minecraft players show an unusual way of moving around new caves

How to safely get to the bottom of a deep tear?

A few days ago, the developers finally shared another test version that allows you to discover a new map generator. This is the first iteration in which the two new cave biomes already shown have been implemented into a natural generator, and thus the experience of playing this experimental snapshot is close to what players will finally experience in 1.18 (Players delighted with the new Minecraft update because of the views. How to download Snapshot 1.18?).

Due to the fact that the mountains and dungeons have been affected by changes, as the name of the update suggests, moving around them is also more of a challenge. The cliffs are much higher now, and the caves can create really deep gaps. For this reason, moving around them may be a bit difficult.

The use of Nether vines

One of the players, however, found a safe way to get to the bottom of the generated canyon. A user with the nickname TheMemeBugs shared a clip in which he uses Weeping vines and bone meal to create a safe descent.

A lot of commentators appreciate the player’s entry, but they point out that one bucket of water would be enough to allow it to be poured out just before landing and thus absorbing any fall damage. Another solution they propose would be to simply jump into the water, which is visible at the very bottom of the dungeon.

The other side’s arguments are that the plant is safer, as a trick with a bucket full of water may fail for a variety of reasons, and attempting to hit the liquid already in the cave may fail. In addition, the plant also allows you to get out of the canyon after completing its exploration.