Minecraft will get a new lobby? Players show what the refreshed version might look like

Minecraft introduces regular updates, often refreshing older elements in the process.

The lobby in Minecraft does not play any special role. It has some interesting puzzles and easter eggs, but players usually do not pay too much attention to what it looks like.

That’s why the community decided to advise developers that it’s a good time to rework the main Minecraft menu. Of course, without any revolution in the style of turning everything upside down.

Adjusting the Minecraft lobby to 2021 standards

“HobbylosUwU” created a concept of what a new lobby could look like. The proposal was very popular, so there is a chance that the project will also reach Mojang. Of course, it is not known whether the developers will change anything, but there is a chance.

Everything remained in a similar, very legible form. It is only a bit more modern, especially with a slider. It is similar with creating a world from a seed.

It looks interesting and, above all, it refers to the classic look.