One of the Minecraft players was happy finding the amethyst geode. However, the enthusiasm did not last long

What happened when the player got inside the amethyst geode?

While most of the new caves and cliffs in Update 1.17 will not be available in the game, some Amethyst geodes that players can encounter underground have been added.

As the creators themselves announced, they are extremely rare, and finding them is accompanied by a lot of excitement. For the player who decided to share the clip below, luck did not last long.

Surprising situation of one of the players

The clip was shared by a player with the nickname ChunkySoul98. The video begins when, while crossing the ocean in a boat, he notices a geode. Then he gets out and decides to get inside, making a hole from the top with his pickaxe, while trying not to drown. But there was a surprise waiting for him inside, which was not the crystal he had expected.

It was completely dark in the geode and the player didn’t have even a second to put up the torch. The only thing that could tell something was wrong was the soft sound made by a Creeper in the center of the structure. At this point, however, it was too late to react.

Situations like this illustrate all the reasons why players don’t like these green creatures.