One of the players created an amazing tool for drawing maps in Minecraft

What does Paint created in Minecraft look like?

The Minecraft community has proven time and time again that it can create amazing things in the game. We are talking not only about the numerous buildings that players boast about on many portals but also about commands, modifications, or other such creative pieces.

Some time ago, you could read an article about Paint 3D, which allowed you to create three-dimensional landscapes based on a flat image.

Another drawing project

The user llamalandnet decided to create a tool that is really well developed and has practical application at the same time. For example, the created drawings can be hung anywhere and can be used to decorate the room. How does the use of this Paint look like?

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In the comment, you can read that the tool was created with the help of a modification that allows you to interpret actions and hits towards frames with objects. The position of the map the player is looking at is then calculated. Improvements are also planned.

I made this as generic as possible to allow for much larger screens and other programs to run on the screen.

I’m thinking about adding other games & maybe a stock trading interface to trade items in future updates.

Certainly, a given modification is a great way to diversify the gameplay in Minecraft. Additionally, as the developer offers future updates and improvements, it’s definitely worth waiting to see what the next changes will bring.