One player recreated the entire level of Portal 2 in Minecraft. How does it look like?

The player undertook an interesting project related to the iconic game by Valve.

Portal 2 is an incredibly popular production from Valve studio, which doesn’t really need to be introduced to anyone. The player takes on the role of a heroine who, in order to get out of the Aperture Science facility, must pass subsequent levels that test the player’s cunning and resourcefulness.

One of the Minecraft fans decided to recreate the first level from the second edition of the Portal. What was the result of this?

What does the Portal look like when it was transferred to Minecraft?

A player with the nickname Brycensbeansarebaked, using mainly command blocks, created the first level of Portal 2. The achieved effect surprised many commenters who did not expect something so close to the original.


The fan decided to use the model of the portal gun created by BudBud205, which is now in the game instead of the bow model, and a huge amount of 43 command blocks associated with this one level only.

An interesting fact is the use of a program that allows you to transform an image into art maps that appear in the place of the portal and show what is on its other side.

It is worth mentioning that the second installment of Portal was released over 10 years ago, and yet it still has fans all over the world. It is so popular that its gameplay is known even to those who have never played it.