Players delighted with the new Minecraft update because of the views. How to download Snapshot 1.18?

How to download and install the latest experimental snapshot version 1.18?

From the moment Minecraft developers announced to the game community that the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update would be split into two, players were no longer receiving world-generation news, and Mojang focused on releasing the full version 1.17.

After a long wait, fans finally got another snapshot in which they can recall what the final Caves & Cliffs update should look like. The first opinions are really good. Players are impressed with how it all looks now and what Minecraft can generate on its own. Anyway, just take a look:

What is the latest snapshot introducing?

There are relatively few changes to the last test version, which allowed players to create a map containing new mountains and dungeons, but they significantly affect how the game world looks. Below you can find a list of what’s included in the Snapshot.

  • A new height and depth of the world.

  • New mountain biomes (high peaks, snow-capped peaks, snow-capped slopes, grove, meadows).

  • A new generation of caves – sometimes they can overlap, creating crevices and large canyons.
    • The cheese caves offer a lot of space and are named after Swiss cheese, the holes of which reminded the creators of the shape of the passages.
    • Spaghetti caves are narrow but long tunnels.
    • Flooded aquifer caves are narrower and more twisted versions of spaghetti caves.
  • Local water and lava levels underground.
  • New cave biomes naturally generated underground and inside the mountains (lush caves and dripstone caves).

  • Natural variability of terrain topography and altitude, regardless of biomes. For example: forests and deserts can form on a hill without the need for a special biome.
  • New distribution of ores.

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  • Large veins of ores.

  • Caves and entrances to them can now spawn inside mountains

  • Monsters will only appear in complete darkness.

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Snapshot is currently not available in the game client and can only be downloaded from the official website of the developers, and then manually installed on your computer. You will need the zip package available here. To upload the latest version:

  • Unpack the archive in the “versions” folder in the game files folder (to get to it, press the Windows + R key combination and then go to the .minecraft folder).
  • Start the client and create a new configuration by selecting the version “pending”.
  • Start the game to download the rest of the necessary files and then enjoy the gameplay.

The developers inform that normal 1.18 snapshots will start appearing in September. At the moment, this is only an experimental snapshot, not a datapack or a regular test version. Designers are working on integrating the new versions with the Java release client and beta versions for the Bedrock release.