Shooting a target in Minecraft can surprise you. Especially when the arrow returns to you

Minecraft players are incredibly creative with creating new traps.

Minecraft offers great opportunities, also in terms of trolling. Various types of traps are most often used for this. One of the players created something that probably no one normally expects.

After shooting at the target, the arrow, instead of activating a special passage, simply shoots back at us, dealing damage and, in this particular case, pushing it off the platform.

How does it work?

Can this be used for trolling? Absolutely, although the mechanism itself is really complicated, and as the author of this convoluted solution writes, the tutorial will take some time.

Such a trap could work especially on servers where players would expect some sort of reward after shooting. Here, not only is there no reward, but also a punishment. How does it work?

The mechanism itself will certainly undergo many different improvements to make it really useful. You can certainly work on the speed of “taking” the shot because the player has a lot of time to simply move away.

The concept itself, however, is really interesting and will probably be willingly used in certain situations. As long as it isn’t incredibly complicated to recreate it.