Snapshot 21w15a changes the world generation system in Minecraft once again

The newest snapshot brings back the old world generation system and makes more adjustments.

Snapshots add new content to Minecraft on a regular basis. The previous test version introduced a completely new way of obtaining ores by adding raw materials to the game (The 21w14a Snapshot added a new way to mine ore in Minecraft. How exactly does this system work?).

This week, players can take a look at the next changes to the ore system, world generation, and meet a new mob – the goat.

What’s new in the 21w15a snapshot?


  • Blocks of raw metal
    • Piglins don’t pick up blocks of raw gold and don’t get angry when a nearby player mines them.
    • Can be obtained through crafting.
    • Can be crafted into their respective raw metal.
    • Can’t be smelted.
  • Gold Ore, Lapis Lazuli Ore, Deepslate Copper Ore, Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
    • Slightly tweaked the textures of these blocks.


  • Goats
    • Goats now avoid walking on powder snow.
    • Goats can now ram other mobs and armor stands to knock them a few blocks.
      Creepers no longer explode when attacked by a goat.


  • Raw metal
    • Tweaked the textures of raw ore items.

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World generation

  • World height
    • World height increase has been reverted and is now once again 256 blocks (from Y=0 to Y=255).
    • Worlds created in snapshot 21w05b or any earlier version can now once again be opened.
    • Worlds created in any version between snapshot 21w06a and 21w14a can no longer be opened.
    • This can be bypassed by setting the data version in level.dat to anywhere from 2692 and below, to 2709 or higher. However, this may cause issues.
  • Caves
    • Noise caves and aquifers have been switched off.
    • Cave and ravine carvers have been returned to their old settings.
    • Crack carvers have been switched off.
  • Ore distribution
    • Ore distribution has been reverted to the pre-1.17 distribution.
    • Copper now generates between the bottom of the world and Y=192, being most common around Y=96.
  • Tuff
    • Now generates in blobs from Y=0 to Y=16.


  • Bone meal
    • Added sounds for using bone meal.


  • Title Screen
    • The main menu background is now in an amethyst geode.
  • Creative inventory
    • Reordered some blocks in the Building Blocks tab in the creative menu.