Snapshot 21w16a is in the hands of Minecraft players. What news and changes can be found in it?

The developers shared the next test version with news expected in update 1.17.

Last week brought unpleasant news to Minecraft fans. The mountain and cave update will be split into two parts(Minecraft creators decided to divide the update of the mountains and caves into two smaller ones. What will be in the game in 1.17?).

In the first one, all the announced blocks and decorative elements are to be added to the game, and the next snapshots will clean up the novelties for update 1.18 and prepare the rest for delivery in version 1.17.

Snapshot 21w16a and more improvements

New features in 21w16a

  • Dripstone growth
    • If a stalactite is hanging from a dripstone block with a water source above, it will slowly grow both the stalactite from above and a stalagmite from below
      • The growth speed is random but very slow, a single growth step can take several Minecraft days
    • A stalactite will only grow up to 7 blocks long
    • A stalactite will only cause stalagmite growth if the floor or stalagmite below is within 10 blocks
    • If the stalactite tip is inside the water it won’t drip, and therefore won’t trigger any growth
    • A stalagmite or stalactite will never grow into a fluid


  • Raw ores
    • Tweaked the texture of raw ores and raw ore blocks

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  • Azalea
    • You can now use bone meal on it to make it grow into an azalea tree.
  • Blok surowego żelaza i blok surowego złota
    • Tweaked the texture of blocks
  • Infested Deepslate
    • Teraz podobnie jak zwyczajny deepslate może mieć teksturę ułożoną w losowej pozycji.
  • Small dripleaf
    • Model został nieco zmieniony.
  • Grass block, Mycelium, and moss block
    • Grass, tall grass, fern, tall fern, sweet berry bushes, seedlings, flowers, azalea, sugarcane, withered shrub, and bamboo can now be placed on these blocks.
    • Pumpkins and melons can grow on these blocks.
    • Endermans can now pick up these blocks.


The changes made to the World Generator that will eventually appear in Update 1.18 are now available as official data packs.

  • Ore veins
    • Ore veins are large, rare, snake-like underground ore formations
    • Copper veins form above height 0 and are mixed with granite
    • Iron veins form below height 0 and are mixed with tuff