The announcement of the next most important event related to Minecraft. When will Minecraft Live take place?

When exactly is Minecraft Live going to take place and what else is known about the upcoming event?

During last year’s Minecraft Live, players could see a lot. Fans voted for the next mob that hit the game, and in addition, another update was presented, in which both the dungeons and the hills, which the developers are currently working on, were to be improved.

The fact that the mentioned update has not appeared so far, does not mean that before the update is released, the biggest Minecraft event will not take place, during which Mojang will be able to share plans for the future of production with fans.

Another Minecraft Live

On social media, Mojang shared a trailer of the upcoming event with fans and gave the exact date that indicates when it will take place.

Minecraft fans will soon have a chance to check out the next update. Perhaps it is during this period that the long-awaited Deep Dark biome will be introduced to the game. At the moment, the experimental snapshots introduce rather minor fixes. Will this state of affairs continue until the coming event?