The Minecraft player perfectly summed up all the speedruns that appear on the web

Speedrunning Minecraft is a really hot topic. One of the players parodies this trend very well.

The idea of ​​speedrun doesn’t really need to be introduced to anyone. In the gaming community, it has long been possible to compete in the form of completing practically every game on time. On the web, you can find the portal, which has tables with records from individual titles, and although the phenomenon of speedruns is not as big as it was some time ago, Minecraft is still the most popular game that can be found here.

There are a lot of categories. The question is, among other things, on which version the attempts were made, or the seed of the map that could have been introduced during the creation of the world. The purpose of speedrun can also be different. Some try to defeat the dragon as quickly as possible, while others try to get all the achievements.

Without a doubt, the most popular category is speedrun on a random seed, the purpose of which is only to see the end credits that appear after defeating the final boss of the game. The fashion for speedruns did not affect everyone and, as you can expect, there were a lot of alterations or parodies of this type of competition on the Internet.

A video that parodies Minecraft speedruns

A user with the nickname El_Redstoniano shared a short video with Minecraft players, which in a great way summarized all the techniques used by players trying to play the game on time.

In the clip, you can see, among other things, how Steve takes from the village beds that are often used to blow up a dragon or kills an iron golem to get material for a bucket that helps him create a portal to Nether, from which he pulls two mobs, the loot of which is necessary to find the fortress.

The author adds that the whole thing was created using mods, which impressed a large number of commenting users who were sure that the main tool that was used to create the clip was video editing software.

I used mods intended for version 1.12.2 (Blockbuster Mod, Aperture mod, Chamaleon mod, Minema mod, Metamorph mod and McLib Mod).