The Minecraft wallpaper that conquered the web. Why has it become so popular with all gamers?

As we all know, Minecraft players are incredibly creative.

Minecraft has a lot of freedom when it comes to creating great buildings, extensive mechanisms or experiencing a long-term adventure. Some, however, like the production of Mojang so much that they would like to have a substitute of it even after turning off the game.

This is why one Reddit user with the nickname “ShadowMC3” created an ingenious wallpaper that looks like inventory.

Innovative and unusual Minecraft PC wallpaper

The wallpaper quickly became very popular, and players began to massively ask for it to be made public. Why? We have a practically transferred appearance of the inventory here, it certainly looks unusual.

Can you download it and set it up yourself? Of course. After many requests, the author added a “clean” version without any icons.

  • Full artwork is available here – CLICK
  • Right-click -> Save graphic as
  • We set it as the wallpaper
  • Right Click on Desktop -> View -> Toggle off Auto Arrange Icons and Align Icons to Grid

Then all that was left was to set everything up in your own way. If someone knows about graphics programs such as Gimp or Photoshop, you can add a character to the middle of the black area. To do this, enter, for example, “Steve png” in Google, download, and put the image in the black box.