The scariest sounds in Minecraft that no player wants to hear in the middle of the night

Minecraft is full of all kinds of sounds. Some are pleasant while hearing others give you shivers.

One of them is music disk 11. It is supposed to be a recording of someone who is probably escaping from a cave. Apparently, it was Steve, who is chased by Enderman. Despite the passage of many years, it is still not known what it really is about. However, these are not the only sounds that make players feel anxious.

What else would players not want to hear?

Mojang sometimes referred to other games, series, or books. A perfect example of this are Enderman sounds, specifically “Stare”. It’s a dozen or so seconds, which can cause serious anxiety in anyone. The players themselves admitted that they were not sure if they were really playing Minecraft, or if they had switched to a horror game.

This “interaction” with Enderman is a reference, among others, to The Grudge: The Curse, a series of horror films inspired by Japanese films.

The studio has also introduced sounds straight out of horror movies in the past. Some of them were created especially for the mine. “Cave17” is the sound of something or someone hitting metal parts. Imagine you’re playing Minecraft in the middle of the night and you hear something like this:

“Cave19” is also something that can scare you. It’s even hard to describe what can make such sounds, is it some kind of monster?

Developers played not only with caves but also with the oceans. Water-related sounds have different nomenclature, most are “bubbles”, some are references to animals, cracking, etc. Among all this, however, is the mysterious “Dark”.

Dark is a puzzling sound that can scare you at the same time. Not because it is sudden, but because it is incredibly calm and full of depth. 1,2,3,4 – all have a disturbing atmosphere.

Minecraft has been the source of many spine-chilling tales. Of course, most of them are just theories, using legends about Herobrine, for example. Given these sounds, it’s hardly surprising that players made such stories.