“This is what Minecraft will look like in 2050”, or several dozen hours spent for this one lava animation

A clip that shows very realistic-looking lava.

For years, Minecraft has received not only modifications that introduce new elements to it, but also those that are able to radically change how the gameplay looks.

Some fans are also in the making of amazing animations, which the community jokingly describes as Minecraft from the year 2050.

Iron Golem flooded with lava

A Reddit user with the nickname zonny2k17 shared a short animation with the community in which he creates an Iron Golem in a seemingly-looking Minecraft, and then floods it with lava.

Lava definitely does not resemble what can be found in an ordinary game and it is difficult for mods, shaders, or texture packs to achieve this type of effect. The author informs in the comments that to create the clip he used, among others, the popular Blender program and the FLIP Fluids plug, which allows you to simulate the behavior of a liquid.

It took no more than 2 days to create the whole thing, which surprised even the creator of the animation. There are also many references in the comments to the fact that Minecraft could actually look like this in the future, and to the fact that most computers are frying just from seeing this short clip. There are also references to indestructible wooden fences that do not care about lava when it pushes against it.

Does Minecraft really have a chance of reaching a similar graphical level? That’s a question that is really hard to answer. Considering the fact that the gaming community has been growing steadily for over 10 years and how the gaming industry has developed over that time, it can be considered possible.