What does Minecraft and a huge chain of stores have in common? Their musical theme was carried over to the game

Popular track known from commercials of one of the American construction stores played in Minecraft.

The note block is one of the most iconic blocks in all of Minecraft. It allows you to make sounds depending on what it is placed on.

So for many years, gamers have been using the layout tool that plays out complete musical pieces. This time, the choice fell on the characteristic theme of one of the foreign chain stores – Home Depot.

What does the song sound like?

Music that can be heard during commercials on TV can stay in your head for a really long time. The distinctive melodies associated with certain brands are known for many years even after their use is discontinued. The ads for the Home Depot store, where you can buy popular building materials and tools, have gained a lot of popularity because of the track played in the background.

The user with the nickname Heir67 decided to use the previously described note blocks to play the aforementioned melody. To appreciate the performance, it is worth listening to the original first, and then the version played in Minecraft.

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The melody created from the sounds characteristic of Minecraft is almost perfect. Many commentators mention that it sounds better than the original, and some refer to items that can be purchased in the store.