What does realistic snow look like in Minecraft? It’s hard to believe that it could look like this

Realistic snow in the cubic world of Minecraft delighted fans of the game.

The part of the Minecraft community responsible for creating shader or texture packs has repeatedly proved to fans that their favorite game can look really amazing. Various animations appear on the web, which allows their creators to move away from the limitations of how the game is written even more.

Realistic snow

A player with the nickname Portemay shared an animation he created, which may resemble ordinary gameplay with a modification that adds significantly improved snow to Minecraft.

Commenting fans paid attention primarily to the physics of the snow that remained on the trapdoor when the snowball was thrown at it and to the fragments falling from the roof. An amazing atmosphere is also added by the steam escaping from the character’s mouth or the traces left behind.

Even though Minecraft has already received a plethora of amazing mods that improve the game’s physics, there was none that changes this element of the game to such an extent. However, there is a really good chance that with the advent of new mountains and loose snow, this situation will change.