What would the Minecraft world be like, if it was built from Lego bricks? Amazing project of one of the players

Lego bricks in the world of Minecraft.

The fact that Minecraft cooperates with manufacturers of Lego bricks is not a secret. It is clear from products that often appear in chain stores or on the Internet. Mojang fans can purchase sets that allow you to recreate individual Minecraft elements from Lego bricks.

However, what would the game world built entirely from the bricks look like? One of the players has created a special texture pack and the effect looks amazing.

Lego blocks in Minecraft

The user macio6 has created a texture pack that allows you to transform the world in Minecraft into one that is entirely made of Lego bricks.

Source: FernFox

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Source: FernFox

A large part of the community believes that Minecraft’s success was, among other things, due to the sentiment for Lego. This pack allows these players to travel back in time and play with the bricks.

The project is called MineBricks and can be downloaded from its developer site. The 128x and 256x versions are free, and 512x and the 512x + 1024x package cost 2 and 5 dollars respectively. The texture pack is under constant development and its next versions appear regularly on the website.