You will be surprised how much range in Minecraft on PC differs from that on phone

The distance at which a player can destroy blocks in the mobile version is greater than in the PC version.

Minecraft was initially released exclusively for computers, but due to the rapid increase in the number of players, it soon found its way to other platforms. One of them was mobile devices and although the game is about the same, it also differs in many ways. One thing that is different in the aforementioned version is that the character range differs significantly from that known to players playing Minecraft on the computer.

What difference are we talking about?

One of the fans with the nickname Neon_Wolf3057 decided to show how big the difference is between the mobile version and the desktop version. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the characters participating in the experiment are in creative mode.

As you can see, the range in the version intended for mobile devices is twice as large as that known to Minecraft players on the PC. The difference probably comes from the fact that developers, while creating the port, noted that building on a touchscreen would just be less convenient with the same range.

In Survival mode, the player is still able to destroy blocks up to 5 tiles away, so this feature has been implemented only in creative mode.

Commenting fans admitted that the possibility of increasing the range would also be useful in other game releases. At the moment, this is only possible through modifications such as, for example, Extended Reach.