A new bug in League of Legends allows you to reach 4000% Omnivamp. How to do it?

Players discovered that another strange bug appeared on the PBE server. This time it is associated with a mythical item – the Riftmaker.

The fact that League of Legends has a lot of bugs shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore. Some of them are funny, others are so small that the masses of people do not notice them at all. But there are also those that chill the blood because they simply destroy the game.

A good example are bugs that allowed you to eliminate the entire opposing team in a split second, because one of the hero’s skills became global.

It turns out that another bug appeared on the test server. This time it is related to the Riftmaker and Omnivamp items. What is it about?

Riftmaker bug and 4000% Omnivamp

Omnivamp is the stat that replaced Spell Vamp during Season 2021. As most players know, LoL features a mythical item called the Riftmaker that offers 8% Omnivamp and grants all Legendary items 2% Omnivamp and 8 bonus points. ability power.

As gamers have pointed out, a bug causes the percentage of omnivamp to grow to an incredible size. At one point it is over 4000%. It goes without saying that this effect can be overwhelming.

Achieving the effects of this bug is quite simple. In fact, it is enough to make specific purchases in the store. All you need to do is basically to buy Riftmaker, another additional legendary item and press “C”.

Those who tested the bug posted screenshots showing a huge percentage of omnivamp.

You might have guessed that this type of error can lead to a lot of crazy situations that might look funny from a third-party perspective. There is a video about the bug by Vandiril, which shows what is caused by such a high percentage of Omnivamp.

It is worth recalling that the described error occurs only on the PBE and has not yet appeared on live servers. Riot will probably fix the bug before it hits the public version. The effects of such an oversight would be deplorable and would probably result in the exclusion of the mythical item from the game.

It is also worth mentioning that if the devs overlooked the bug and it would hit Summoner’s Rift in the next patch, the deliberate and conscious use of such invasive gameplay exploits may result in a permanent account ban.