Nocturne’s ultimate is able to disable LoL to all enemies, how does that work?

Nocturne’s ultimate that bugs League of Legends.

LoL is over 10 years old and has undergone many different changes since then. During this time, over 100 new and unique characters have been released into production, the map, creatures, minions, and items have also changed.

Therefore, the game code has to look really intricate and has a lot of bugs that are discovered in every update. This time it turns out that Nocturne is able to crash the game.

Nocturne turns the game off

The Eternal Nightmare is a character that has a really strong ultimate. It not only flies to the selected opponent and then eliminates him in a fraction of a second, but also blinds the entire opposing team globally.

The latter is able to throw all opponents out of the match and force them to rejoin the game. Streamer Scarra met with this while playing with friends:

As we can see, for a moment after being used by Nocturne ultimate, the game crashed for several seconds and the connection had to be renewed. Unfortunately, it was too late and everything ended in defeat.

How did it come about? The situation was presented by one Reddit user who claims that it has been present since Update 11.10 and is still working. According to Caenen_, this is the result of an unusual minion-blind combo. In short, if, during a dazzle, the minion comes within the view range of the tower and destroys it (kills it), the League will notice a critical problem and throw us out of the game.

The bug is that a unit that the client has never seen before and has no information about the last turret hit causes a message about what last hit the turret – but there is no information about that unit, which causes a fatal error.

He also added two clips that describe the situation on both sides of the opponent that gets kicked out of the game:


While this is done on the training tool and Nocturne has no cooldown on the ultimate, it also works in normal games as seen in the streamer clip. Will Riot fix it? The case has now become loud, so it is possible that the employees will deal with it as a priority.