KEKW on Twitch will no longer be the same. The man behind the emote died

Sad news spread around the world yesterday. On Wednesday, a man whose laughter took over the world died.

Juan Joya Borja passed away at the age of 65. On the Internet, he was associated primarily with his interview from several years ago. In 2007, a recording appeared on the web, which then went around the world. Mainly because of the very characteristic laugh.

Man’s health problems began in 2020, which finally led to the amputation of the leg. A few months later, the disease began to worsen, and Juan probably died from complications following operations.

KEKW will never be the same

The question is whether the emote will undergo any changes now, at least on third-party sites. It’s possible that Twitch add-ons like BetterTV or FrankerFaceZ will somehow honor Juan. This is, of course, nothing confirmed. Nobody really knew the details of a man’s life. Everyone knows only about the interview and the fact that he comes from Spain.

In fact, he was an actor and comedian, and in a recording, he spoke of his adventure as a cook’s assistant.

The original video has over 14 million views. However, it is completely unknown how many people really knew the man’s face and laughter. There are so many alterations, memes, and variations of emotes that no one would dare to count them.