A brilliant trick in Overwatch with the Streaks emote can save a life. All because of this error

You surely know this theme with “tricks”, which in the end are not any tricks and cannot be used normally? It’s different here.

Overwatch can still surprise. The game itself has a lot of better and worse tricks that allow you to get a certain advantage over your opponent, or at least confuse him as much as possible. “onigod”, one of the Twitch streamers showed something during the game that may surprise you.

It is very possible that this will be fixed in a while, as clearly this is a bug that should not be. The clip became relatively popular on Twitch, gaining 15,000 views, so it is possible that it also reached Blizzard employees.

What is this all about?

“onigod” playing Smug and seeing that an enemy was approaching him, used one of the available emotes. The figure took a step forward and “disappeared” into the wall. Perfect timing made everything work out, and attacking D.Va just turned around.

Looking at D.Va’s POV, it would be really hard to know what’s going on. Can you be banned for it? Deliberately exploiting bugs in all online games can have consequences, but hardly anyone actually gets a punishment.

As we pointed out at the beginning, it’s possible that this will be fixed soon, and until then, well – it’s better to pay attention to the walls.