A closer look at the Baptiste skin that will be added to Overwatch for the 2021 Anniversary

The anniversary begins tomorrow, and so far the main course is a skin for Baptiste.

Another seasonal event in the form of the Anniversary is waiting for Overwatch players. The event is really interesting because it is during it that various game modes from other events are going to come back.

Of course, you can also expect weekly challenges, i.e. three skins and other cosmetic items that you get for winning matches.

The new Baptiste skin is a hit among players

It’s been a long time since there has been such a warm and positive reception of an Overwatch skin. Baptiste has definitely been liked by the community and is a good predictor of the rest of the cosmetic items that are about to come.

Of course, you cannot judge the entire event on the basis of one skin, but in the current state of Overwatch, even one skin can significantly affect the popularity of both the character and the game.

The Overwatch Anniversary begins on May 18, 2021, possibly in the evening hours. At the moment, the time has not been confirmed yet, but it is worth remembering that the Anniversaries usually started slightly earlier than 2 p.m. EDT.