An unusual exploit in Overwatch completely ruins the game. Changes HP, conversion factors, damage

Overwatch has a rather unusual problem when it comes to a new type of exploit – although it’s hard to classify.

Overwatch doesn’t have any big cheater problem, at least not on European servers. They do appear sometimes, but not as often as in CS: GO.

Now, however, a new exploit has been found that allows you to freely change conversion rates, HP, or damage in regular matches. All because of an error with the Workshop.

How does it look like?

It is already widely known that this bug is known to Blizzard and at this point, permanent bans are imposed for it. It is an action to the detriment of other players. Anyway, see for yourself:

Being widely called “Workshop cheats”, it allows you to transfer the elements of the Workshop, not even to quick play, but to classic matches. It just means that you can completely ruin games this way.

If something like this happens to you, at least you know that it’s just an exploit, also seen as cheats. You can easily report it, as long as you have knowledge of who it is.