Overwatch players can choose who gets the new skin for watching May Melee

Blizzard has given players the ability to decide who gets the next skin.

Despite the fact that the topic of Overwatch is relatively quiet, many people still log into Blizzard’s production every day or follow professional games. The developers are of course waiting with news for Overwatch 2, but from time to time they have something interesting for the community.

This time, players can choose who gets the special skin as part of watching “May Melee”. It will definitely be a way to promote drops on Youtube. What is known about this?

Vote for the Overwatch skin

On the official Overwatch League profile, there is a vote for an exclusive skin that will appear as part of watching “May Melee” for four hours. The players were given a choice from four options.

At the moment, Ana definitely wins, but this may still change.

  • Winston – 26%
  • Zaria – 17%
  • Mei – 10%
  • Ana – 45%

If you’re not following Overwatch esports, all you need to know is that Blizzard has finally launched drops on Youtube. For watching on the Google platform you get tokens etc. It works extremely reluctantly, but these are only the first tests, so we have to be understanding.

The skin that Blizzard is writing about will be available for watching four hours of “May Melee” – this starts on May 2, 2021, and runs until May 9, 2021. So it’s worth linking your YouTube account with Blizzard and watching a few hours.