Overwatch players laugh that this cannot be unseen – the teeth on Route 66

After many years, Overwatch players came up with something that many people will remember.

It’s the type of thing you’ll see once and you’ll never see it the same way again. One of the Reddit users’ entries makes you laugh and irritates at the same time. Not surprisingly, Route 66 is one of the most popular maps.

If you’ve come to terms with the fact that you may not unsee it, it’s time to reveal what it is. The arrangement of the “tiles” resembles a jaw very much. At first glance, it is not visible, but at second glance, it is.

Route 66 walls look like teeth and gums and now you have to live with it. You’re welcome from Overwatch

This cannot be unseen

The entry quickly went viral, scored over 11,000 points on Reddit and landed on the main page of the entire website, something that almost does not happen with Overwatch. As a result, even memes referring to Route 66 were created.

who wants to kiss from Overwatch

Of course, this has absolutely no impact on Overwatch’s development, reception, or future, it’s one of those things that, for some reason, has broken through all of the “great plays”.