Sources are to confirm that Overwatch 2 has no delays. Leaks with a potential release date

At this point, however, nothing is confirmed and should not be treated as such.

Some time ago, the big news online was that Overwatch 2 is allegedly delayed and will not come out in 2022. However, not everyone noticed that the information about postponing the premiere to the next year is only the author’s note, in that case, Metro.

Today there is another leak on the opposite side, saying that developers are doing what they can to release the second part of the series in the second half of 2022. It is said that such information was obtained by Richard Lewis, a well-known and respected esports journalist.

So the premiere in 2022?

In the meantime, we had a completely ridiculous leak that said Overwatch 2 was canceled. It was mainly reported by the smaller media or YouTube channels.

As might be expected, the revelations about the renaming of Blizzard and the cancellation of OW were not believed by anyone. Nevertheless, Metro and his information about delays have bothered players as much as those associated with the Overwatch League and esports in general.

So many questions arose about the real situation at Blizzard. Richard Lewis has obtained information that the developers are doing to release the game in 2022. As we read:

“We’re more than aware that we need to release this. The development team has been advised to finish all the components that the game already has, fix them, and release them. We want to release this before summer 2022.” – via Dexerto.

The journalist also mentions another source that provided very similar news. Richard repeats what has been known for some time in several places – Blizzard has to align with the Overwatch League and the seasons that are played within the league.

It is hard to imagine that one of the largest sources of Overwatch funding will turn into complete chaos at the moment, as it would have been when OW2 was released in the middle of the tournament.

Such leaks should always be treated with distance. One source talks about delays, another about the premiere in 2022. Rumors about BlizzCon will probably appear in some time, about the release of the game at the end of this year, then again in 2022, 2023 and so it will be until the premiere.

Officially, Blizzard is silent, despite the fact that much more frequent communication with players has been announced.