Surprisingly, there are experimental changes to Overwatch that actually mean something. Wrecking Ball’s mines

Most of the recent experiments in Overwatch are just number tweaks that don’t really mean much at this average level.

Descriptions of experimental changes to Overwatch are being followed by fewer and fewer people. It is not surprising as they usually come down to slight adjustments in numbers. Sometimes Blizzard will change a value by, for example, 0.2 to revert it altogether in the next update.

Yesterday, however, something was announced that is of the utmost importance. Wrecking Ball’s mines no longer stick to surfaces.

What’s the difference?

Experiment mode has taken over the role of PST for good, so expect that this change will also be in the “live” version. A demonstration of exactly what the change looks like can be seen thanks to Naeri.

The rest of the changes have been described on the official website. Blizzard has changed characters such as:

  • Doomfist,
  • Genji,
  • Moira,
  • Roadhog,
  • Soldier: 76
  • Wrecking Ball.

As for Hamond himself, according to some people it is a nerf, according to others it is a buff. Certainly, in some situations players will enjoy these changes, in others they will not be too happy – but in Overwatch this is perfectly normal.