There will be no BlizzCon or BlizzConline this year. Next Blizzard event in 2022

If anyone was still hopeful, Blizzard has officially announced that the studio’s big event will not appear this year.

Blizzard has officially admitted it has passed the point where it would be able to host an event, be it BlizzCon or BlizzConline style. Therefore, do not expect a “Blizzard holiday” this year.

This is definitely sad news, but it is difficult to say at the moment whether it will have any connection with the studio’s publishing plans.

BlizzConline and BlizzCon will not be hosted this year

This was to be expected, so it’s not an amazing surprise. In addition to this, Blizzard also mentions that it will be organizing its event early next year. However, no specific month was given.

And how will it be with Overwatch 2? Developers have mentioned several times in recent days that they will publish regular information on the progress of work. Although these are already at an advanced stage, there are still a lot of plans to be finished. It is difficult to predict a date of beta release at the moment, let alone the official release date.