A strange bug in Pokemon GO – gym was disabled during the raid. What happened to the Pokemon?

Players reported a strange situation that happened to them during one of the raids.

Raids in Pokemon GO are a great opportunity to catch interesting creatures, but also to get numerous items, such as e.g. Rare Candy or Golden Razz Berry. The community likes to take part in raids not only because of prizes but also because it is an opportunity to meet friends, take part in combat together and test the strength of their own Pokemon.

Unfortunately, there are some bugs in the game from time to time. In the past, there were articles that some players’ maps had ghost gyms that could not be visited. It also happened that the raid bugged out and after winning the fight, the creature immediately ran away, so there was no chance of catching it.

This time the situation was even different. It can be considered that the events got together unfortunate as Niantic removed one of the gyms during a raid which several people attended. What were the effects of this?

Strange situation with the event raid

As some people probably know – on the occasion of A Very Slow Discovery, new raids appeared in the game, including Snorlax, Slowking, Slaking, and more.

A group of friends decided to fight one of them, more specifically – Snorlax. Unfortunately, after winning the fight, something strange happened.

TheOfficeRevisited, who described the whole situation, noted that together with family and friends they decided to join one of the event raids. Once the creature was defeated and waiting to be caught, everyone noticed that it suddenly popped out of the Pokeball, and the players were thrown onto the map. This was accompanied by the message “Pokémon not found”.

The players did not give up and decided it was a temporary server or network error. They decided to go back and catch Snorlax again, but it was all for nothing. Using the Golden Razz Berry didn’t help either.

After a while of attempts and growing frustration, players received the message “Gyms are under construction”.

It was not the end of the problems. The player map was locked, no one could access the profile settings or the game menu. A group of friends decided to restart the application. When they came back, it turned out that the gym they were fighting at a moment ago was gone. Niantic apparently removed it during the raid which resulted in a really strange sequence of events.

Everyone who took part in the rally did not hide that the situation cost them a lot of nerves and wasted items, such as the Raid Passes or the Golden Razz Berry. They also didn’t get the Pokemon they were fighting for.

According to the commentators, the sudden disappearance of the gym could have been caused by the fact that the company it was set on removed its location from the Pokemon GO base.

The person who described the event only added, “I don’t understand why they couldn’t do something like this at night, instead of removing the gym in the middle of the day during the raid.”